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cxi scroller manual

With 42 frames of magenta, cyan, and yellow gel in varying intensities, the CXI IT lets you blend and create the perfect color for your production. The CXI IT also features two frames of a custom gel color chosen by you. Our IT generation of CXI dual scrollers comes packed with a wealth of improvements and new features. The CXI IT?s aluminum case features rounded corners for easier handling. A non-reflective matte finish powder coat keeps the color changer cleaner. To make this dual scrolling color changer weather resistant, the front and rear apertures are protected with double gasketed, heat resistant glass. Additionally, the cooling air is filtered on the intake, and has a maze type exhaust port. The circuit board is conformal coated to make it very resistant to moisture. The unit?s all-aluminum rollers are coated for long life and run on bushings rather than ball bearings for quieter operation. The drive belt has a special profile for movement that?s quieter than the old-fashioned timing belts. The fan?s speed can be adjusted, and improvements in its aerodynamics have made this fan the quietest one we?ve found. Bottom line, the CXI IT is the quietest color-mixing color changer we?ve ever made. The control electronics have also been extensively upgraded. We have moved away from block mode addressing, and now each CXI IT can have any address in the DMX universe. Also, the address is now set electronically, so the unit can be set up remotely.We?ve also added lots of sensors to help you keep a watchful eye on the status of the CXI IT. Ambient temperature, gel temperature, voltage, and current at each unit can be measured and sent to your computer using the industry-standard feedback protocol Remote Device Management (RDM). Even the unit?s gelstrings have gone high-tech. Now we attach a special tag to each gelstring, with the tag allowing you to read the custom colors directly from the gelstring along with the date it was ordered and the order number.

The tag also keeps track of how often each gel frame has been used and how many times it?s been in front of a light. With this feature, you can save older gelstrings for reuse by monitoring what colors they contain and how often they?ve been used. The CXI IT uses Wybron’s PS Power Supplies. Color picker makes ambers blue, and reds ambers with out rhyme or reason. Did I miss something. Does the CXI IT not qualify as a dual scroller fixture.Whenever you update a fixture library (from a showfile created in a previous software version) it is a good idea to test the fixture thoroughly to see how the updated has modified the output. Have a question? Click here to contact us. Color mixing- 2 gel strings with 23 colors). Price does not include case. 16-Way Cases available for an additional price, contact your GearSource Representative for pricing. Two scrolling gelstrings in cyan, magenta and yellow can be combined to create 432 distinct colors. Gelstring position is controlled by a standard lighting console using DMX512, and the fader positions are proportional to the gel position, allowing partial frames to be used. And with partial frames on a light that integrates the color, a nearly infinite palette of colors is available.These sensors can detect everything from light, temperature, and voltage to fan speed and even gelstring frame color information. They can collect and share specific status information and even warn of potential problems, possibly averting failures in the middle of a show. If the status of a device indicates a problem, Infogate displays an alert with the nature of the problem and its exact location, helping you troubleshoot in a fraction of the time. When physically static the yoke shall be silent. It should be mounted on a horizontal surface only. The yoke shall return to its programmed position if moved out of place. Control cabling shall be run internally to prevent tangling. 2.

A four-pin outlet for a color scroller and a seven-pin outlet for a DMX-controlled iris shall be provided. An onboard power supply shall provide power for any of the following color scrollers: Wybron Coloram II, Wybron CXI, Wybron Forerunner, Rainbow Pro Series, and ChromaQ Broadway. No external color scroller power supply shall be required. 3. A mechanical 18-leaf iris option (PART NUMBER 5010) shall be available to adjust the range of aperture of the degree field angle. This mechanism shall be controlled by the AutoYoke power supply and shall plug into the AutoYoke with a male seven pin XLR connector. 4. A mechanical focus option (PART NUMBER 5020) shall be available as a factory installation that will allow precise lens movement within its full range, allowing for variations of sharpness and softness in the beam of light. This mechanism shall be Page 2: controlled by the AutoYoke power su Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. This version offers more symbols, more options, and some revolutionary features. Works great with moving lights. For this reason, the plug-in defaults to an unfilled hidden line representation. Once you are happy with your configuration, select the Add fill option to render the fixture body as a solid. You can also track rendering progress in the message bar, at the botom-right of the window. Do you have a better Cxi logo file and want to share it. We are working on an upload feature to allow everyone to upload logos. For more information click here See User Agreement This is because Grays sells a wide range of products in a variety of Conditions on behalf of our Vendors. It's important that you read the Lot Description for possible additional information on the Condition of the product including any applicable warranty details.

You should take the Condition and the Lot Description into account when you place your bid as we do not offer refunds if you change your mind about your purchase. Some individual items may show signs of wear common with used items, and in some instances, accessories may vary from the standard (for example, software or manuals may be missing or different, no original packaging). OTHER - Products are listed as being in 'Other' Condition when they do not fit into any of the other Conditions listed. This can include items such as collectable wines, certain works of art and other memorabilia. NEW - Products listed as 'New' are unused and still in their original packaging, complete with manuals and accessories, although they may not necessarily be the latest model. GraysOnline will provide: Safety information relating to the condition of the item of plant for sale (Plant Hazard Reports) Clear identification and marking to identify that the plant item is only suitable for scrap or spare parts Site Access, PPE and Removal of Plant requirements are listed under the Inspection and Collection Headings. Please note: Persons under the age of 15 years will not be permitted onsite. Tradespeople eg; electricians, plumbers etc will be required to produce the relevant licence before commencing work on site. Riggers, Forklift and Crane Drivers etc will be required to produce the relevant license before commencing work on site. It is a condition of entry to site that all visitors comply with any directions given by Grays (NSW) Pty Ltd staff or their representatives. All power tools and equipment used on this site must be tested (tagged) safe for use in accordance with AS3760 service testing and inspection of electrical equipment.

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Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can access and correct your personal information, how to make a complaint, and how we deal with complaints. NSW Liquor Licence LIQP770010049 Motor Dealer Licence: NSW MD13910, VIC LMCT11156, SA MVD277714, QLD 1700072, WA MD25136. NSW Motor Vehicle Recycler Licence: M057736 Grays (NSW) Pty Ltd is a credit representative (number 509214) of Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence 433137). The Coloram IT is not intended for residential use. WARNING: When using electrical appliances, use basic precautions, including: Read this manual before connecting power. Use supervision around children. Do not touch moving parts. Only use attachments recommended or sold by Wybron. Use in a dry location only. Replace only with same type and rating of fuse. For questions, contact Wybron at Product Modification Warning Wybron, Inc.Modifications to the products could affect safety and render the product noncompliant to relevant safety standards. 5 Introduction The Large Format Coloram IT system includes a scrolling color changer and PS Power Supply, that uses Remote Device Management (RDM) bi-directional communications protocol, in a range of models and offers an ease of setup and use. The Large Format Coloram IT system is part of the InfoTrace system that represents a new way of managing a lighting installation. The Large Format Coloram IT system, with its variable color capacity, RDM features and DMX compatibility affords the designer economy and versatility, The DMX512 control signal from the lighting console is connected through the InfoGate Gateway and dimmers to the PS Power Supply, and can continue on to additional PS Power Supplies or other DMX-controlled devices. The power supply sends power, DMX control signal and RDM information to the color changers on a single cable, eliminating the need for a separate power cable for the color changers.

Large Format Coloram IT color changers are 100% compatible with all members of the Coloram IT family including CXI IT color changers, PS Power Supplies, the Eclipse IT Dowser and Eclipse II IT Dowser. You can also daisy chain Large Format Coloram IT color changers with other Coloram IT equipment. This manual gives step-by-step instructions for preparation, setup and operation of the Large Format Coloram IT Color Changer as part of the InfoTrace system. Caution: The Large Format Coloram IT System is not compatible with Coloram II (RAM) System. Do not connect Large Format Coloram IT Color Changers to Coloram II (RAM) Power Supplies. Do not connect Coloram II color changers to PS Power Supplies. Damage from such action will not be covered by the product warranties. 6 InfoTrace System Overview Figure 1 The diagram above outlines the key components, which include: InfoTrace The entire system is referred to as the InfoTrace System InfoGate The software and hardware required to facilitate the transfer and display of information InfoChip A conversion chip that can be used with non-rdm equipment to allow communication with the InfoGate Software InfoStore An Internet based application that aggregates data captured by InfoGate and allows for the accumulation of historical information related to the equipment performance in the installation IT Products Large Format Coloram IT, Coloram IT,CXI IT, Eclipse IT, and Eclipse II IT all have updated electronics to support RDM communication plus additional product improvements, including sensors to detect a variety of conditions. The heart of the InfoTrace (IT) system is InfoGate specialized software that uses the bi-directional communications protocol, Remote Device Management (RDM), to facilitate remote addressing and diagnostics for potentially every piece of equipment mounted on a rig. InfoGate works with all IT products and all RDM-compatible equipment from any manufacturer.

7 In addition, any non-rdm equipment can be upgraded with the installation of an InfoChip. Because InfoGate can work with any equipment, the setup, unit testing, and troubleshooting for an entire rig can be coordinated from a single laptop. Wybron's IT equipment (Coloram IT, CXI IT, Eclipse IT, and Eclipse II IT) is equipped with a series of sensors that can relay a wealth of information to InfoGate. These sensors can detect everything from light, voltage, current, to fan speed and even gelstring frame color information. So while RDM equipment will allow identification and remote addressing, IT equipment can give more specific status information and warn of potential problems, possibly averting failures in the middle of a show. If the status of a device indicates any problem, InfoGate displays an alert with the nature of the problem and the exact location. Troubleshooting is now done in a fraction of the time. InfoTrace provides the ability to: Automate the setup of DMX addresses no more manual setting of DIP switches Proactively check the condition of equipment before, during and after a show Track lamp duty cycles to predict lamp failures before they happen Predict maintenance on equipment Predict gel replacement prior to degradation Sensors Large Format Coloram IT, CXI IT, Eclipse IT and Eclipse II IT: Aperture Light Sensor: Detects if the fixture's lamp is on. Voltage Sensor: Reports the head voltage level. Pass Through Current Sensor: Measures the amount of current that passes through the XLR connector wiring harness; assists in automatically setting up the rig in conjunction with InfoGate. Unit Current Sensor: Measures the amount of current that a unit is consuming, which can be an indicator of motor health. Timers: Keep track of how many hours the unit has been in operation in it s lifetime and also since its last maintenance cycle. Fan RPM Sensor: RPM sensor on fan. Self Test Mode: Moves the gelstring without a DMX input command.

Reverse Polarity Protection: Auto shutdown if scroller is plugged into a Coloram II power supply. 8 Additional Sensors Large Format Coloram IT and CXI IT only: Gel Color Reader: Reads digital information off of the gelstring, including gelstring frame color information. Gel Wear Counter: Tracks how much the gelstring has moved and alerts the user when a gelstring needs to be replaced. Motor Shutdown if Gelstring is Broken: Automatically shuts down the motor if the gelstring breaks or comes loose from a roller. Please refer to the InfoGate and InfoChip manuals for details. E. Using InfoGate: i. Initiate Perform Discovery ii. In the DMX Map, drag and drop the DMX address for the color changer to DMX address 1. Please refer to the InfoGate manual for details. 10 Using the Large Format Coloram IT Color Changer The Large Format Coloram IT Color Changer sets its gelstring position according to the DMX512 level it receives from the control console. As all Large Format Coloram IT Color Changers will accommodate variable length gelstrings, the level settings which correspond with each frame position will vary depending on the number of frames in the gelstring. The following chart shows the level settings that correspond with each frame position if a 24 frame gelstring is installed on a 7.5-inch color changer. The color of each frame position will be determined by your custom gelstring specification. Channel Level Frame Position Channel Level Frame Position 00 Frame 1 51 Frame Frame 2 55 Frame Frame 3 59 Frame Frame 4 64 Frame Frame 5 69 Frame Frame 6 73 Frame Frame 7 78 Frame Frame 8 82 Frame Frame 9 87 Frame Frame Frame Frame Frame Frame 12 FL Frame 24 If you send a channel level that is between the values shown, you can create split frame effects. For example, if you send a level of 49, the color changer positions the gelstring halfway between frame 12 and frame 13 creating a blend of the two colors.

Alternately, when the InfoGate information is exported to some types of lighting consoles, each gelstring frame position can be programmed as a gel color, frame number or other identifier. The desired gelstring frame is then recalled by selecting the desired gelstring frame (i.e. Frame 09) or gel color (R68) on the lighting console, instead of typing in a DMX level. 11 Large Format Coloram IT System Components Color Changers All Large Format Coloram IT Color Changers use gelstrings which can vary in length. The color changers set the position of the gelstring as determined by the DMX level. The color changers are powered by 24 volts DC which also comes from the power supply. The control signal, RDM data and DC power are all supplied in one cable connecting the color changers to the power supply. Note: Please refer to the Specifications section of this manual for the maximum number of gelstring frames each color changer will hold. Gelstring The gelstring is a series of precisely cut, colored gel frames joined together, side by side, to create a sequence of colors. Two additional gels at each end of the gelstring are called the leader and the trailer. The leader and the trailer allow for proper attachment to the rollers. The gelstring has foil tags near each end which are necessary for the color changer's automatic calibration to the length of that particular gelstring. Traile r Frame 32 Frame 31 Frame 2 Frame 1 Leade r Long foil tag Figure 3 Short foil tag RFID tag The Large Format Coloram IT gelstring also has a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag which identifies the sequence of gels on the gelstring (as part of the InfoTrace setup process), and also assists in ordering additional gelstrings. Please refer to the ColorExpress IT section of this manual for information on how to create and order gelstrings online. Power Supply The PS Power Supply sends the DMX512 signal level from the lighting console to each color changer, along with 24 volts DC.

The shells of the two XLR connectors are not electrically connected -- this prevents high power currents from flowing from chassis to chassis of the Coloram IT equipment. The twisted pair shield is connected only at the male XLR connector end. DMX512 control cable The DMX control cable from the lighting board to the InfoGate Gateway, dimmers and power supply is a five conductor cable with 5-pin XLR connectors on each end. DMX Status Displays status of incoming DMX signal. Note: The unit only supports one secondary address at a time. No changes can be made from this screen. Reset Defaults RESET FACTORY DEFAULT SETTINGS. To read alert messages: 1. When SENSOR ALERT is displayed, press SELECT. 2. As an example: VOLTAGE ALERT indicates a voltage problem. 3. Press SELECT to access more information on the Voltage Alert. 4. For example: WARNING VOLTAGE DROPPED BELOW 15V VOLTAGE ALERTS WARNING VOLTAGE DROPPED BELOW 15V 16 Operating voltage has dropped below the minimum operating requirement of 15 volts. The cable between the Large Format Coloram IT and the PS Power Supply may be too long. VOLTAGE DROPPED BELOW 13V UNIT SHUTDOWN Unit has automatically shut down because operating voltage has dropped below 13 volts for more than one second. The voltage typically drops this low if the Large Format Coloram IT cable is too long the head-feet limit has been exceeded. The Large Format Coloram IT cable must be shortened or the number of Large Format Coloram IT scrollers must be reduced to solve this problem. GEL ALERTS 1. GELSTRING OUT OF POSITION UNIT SHUTDOWN Scroller motor automatically shuts down if gelstring is not at its programmed frame position or a roller is stuck. 2. GELSTRING DID NOT INIT PROPERLY Gelstring did not initialize properly. Please check that gelstring is properly installed. 3. GELSTRING IS BROKEN UNIT SHUTDOWN Scroller motor automatically shuts down if gelstring has broken or come loose from a roller. Gelstring needs to be replaced or reinstalled.

MOTOR ALERT 1. MOTOR IS OPERATING AT A HI CURRENT LEVEL High current level at the scroller motor may indicate an ususually high level of friction at the motor. Please check scroller motor for possible maintenance or replacement. FAN ALERT 1. FAN IS OFF WHILE THE LAMP IS ON The color changer may overheat or premature fading of the gelstring colors may occur when the scroller fan is off while the fixture lamp is on. 17 2. FAN IS NOT OPERATING PROPERLY Check fan for possible maintenance. RFID ALERTS 1. RFID TAG COMMUNICATION FAILURE A. Communication could not be established with the RFID tag. B. Press SELECT for more detailed information: i. COULD NOT WAKE THE RFID TAG RFID wake command did not finish. ii. iii. COULD NOT READ THE RFID TAG Coloram IT had a communication failure when trying to read the RFID tag. COULD NOT WRITE THE RFID TAG Coloram IT had a communication failure when trying to write to the RFID tag. RESET ALERT Clears existing alert from display screen when you press SELECT, unless the problem still currently exists. Information Only Displays DMX levels to be used at the lighting console to program specific timings using Gel Time to Destination. Color Lists each frame number and associated gel color. For example: Frame 3 L110 Frame 4 R02 Frame 5 R33 Frame 6 R01 String Description Press SELECT to display the gelstring description created by the user when the gelstring was ordered. The order information is also imbedded on the gelstring RFID tag: ABC Co. Order Woman in Black 22 Jan GELSTRING INTACT. Press SELECT to display answer to this question (Yes or No). VOLTAGE 1. Displays present voltage, highest and lowest voltages measured, along with normal minimum and maximum acceptable voltages. SCROLLER CURRENT 1. Displays present current, highest and lowest current measured, along with normal minimum and maximum acceptable current. A.